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Partnerships Manager - Korea



Sales & Business Development
Posted on Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Who We Are

Spatial is a gaming platform where millions of creators build and share fun and inspiring experiences that bring people together across web, mobile, and VR.

Our goal is to change the way we share fun experiences, tell stories, and make friends. Today, videos are the most common way to talk and share things online, but often people end up just watching and not interacting. We want the internet to be a more playful and social place.

This change is already happening in the world of gaming. We want to accelerate this by making it easier for everyone to create, share, and play fun games with their friends. Just like YouTube did for videos.

To turn this vision into reality, we are currently focused on the following three pillars: Creator Toolkit, Virtual Economy (beta) and Multi-Platform. You can read more about us here.

What You Will Be Doing

  • Market Analysis:
    • Conduct in-depth market analysis to identify potential clients and emerging trends within the Korean gaming and entertainment industry, focusing on IP and content creators.
  • Client Engagement:
    • Target and engage with key players in the Korean gaming and entertainment ecosystem, including game developers, content creators, studios, and IP holders.
  • Pitching and Presentations:
    • Develop and deliver compelling sales pitches and presentations that highlight the unique value proposition of our 3D gaming platform for IP-driven content and entertainment experiences.
  • Licensing and Partnerships:
    • Negotiate licensing agreements, partnerships, and collaborations with clients, securing strategic alliances to enhance content creation and distribution.
  • Relationship Cultivation:
    • Cultivate new and existing relationships with partners through attending conferences, opportunities for thought leadership, content creation, and meetups such as hosting/attending dinners, coffee chats, or drinks.